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2.2" TFT LCD Screen Module: ITDB02-2.2


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ITDB02 is a TFT LCD Screen Module Series, not just a LCD break but includes the Touch , SD card and Flash design. So it’s a powerful extension dispaly module for your project.

ITDB02-2.2 module is a 65K color , 176*220 (resolution), 2.2 inch  TFT LCD screen.The LCD has a wide viewing angle , the contrast is also very suitable.

ITDB02-2.2 uses the HX8340-B controller , it support 8bit data interface , and easy to be drived by many MCU like STM32 ,AVR and 8051.

ITDB02-2.2 is designed with a touch controller in it . The touch IC is TSC2046, and touch interface is included in the 40 pins breakout. Another useful extension in the ITDB02 is the SD Card socket . It use the SPI mode to operate the SD  card, the SPI interface include in the 40pins breakout.

The IDTB02 layout a 40 pins interface for your project , the interface include LCD bus, SD card bus, Touch screen bus and the Flash bus.
The pins named with “D_” is the touch bus , the pins named with “SD_” is SD bus, the pins named with “F_”  is Flash bus.

*ITDB02 module pins is work at 3.3v DC, if you need to connect the module with the 5v voltage I/O , you need to add the 30k and 20k resistors to reduce voltage. But for the Power supply, you should use the 5V for Vin pin.

*ITDB02-2.2 just can used the 8bit mode.
**ITDB02-2.8 is not compatible with ITDB02_Graph Library yet.
And we have a ITDB02 Arduino shield , you can use it to connect the ITDB02 LCD module with Arduino board :  Get it here
New ITDB02 Arduino MEGA shield , you can use it to connect the ITDB02 LCD module with Arduino MEGA board and using all function and external RTC:  Get it here
More information:
Datasheet of ITDB02-2.2
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