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[Open PCB] Open Source And Get 2 More Additional Boards


We encourage the sharing of your hardware, so now we provide this project to give you a opportunities to share your board to another one who may on the other side of the earth.

If you purchase this service, we will consider that you want to open source and share your design, we will make 12 (if you use the 10x15cm, it's 6) pcs PCB of your design, and ship you 10 (5 if you use 10x15cm service) pcs as the [PCB prototyping] service you purchased, and the rest 2 pcs of your design will be ship to another person who also want to share his board too. Also you will get the except 2 random PCBs that from other designer - we don't sure if these 2 boards is useful for you , we just ramdon pick up form the rest open PCBs.

Please make sure that you have purchased one of the pcb prototyping servide below:

1. [PCB Prototyping] Green 2 Layer 5cm*5cm max -10pcs

2. [PCB Prototyping] Green 2 Layer 10cm*10cm max -10pcs

3. [PCB Prototyping] Green 2 Layer 5cm*15cm max -10pcs

4. [PCB Prototyping] Green 2 Layer 10cm*15cm max -5pcs

5. [PCB Prototyping] Colors 2 Layer 10cm*10cm max -10pcs

6. [PCB Prototyping] Colors 2 Layer 5cm*5cm max -10pcs

You can get extact 2 random PCBs form this product, and also your boards will be shipped to another people who purchased this product too. So please confirm that your design is not private before you pruchase this service.

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