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Multi-channel Relay Shield For Arduino : IS Shield v1.0


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  • 2 mechanical relays with photo-coupled circuit
  • 2 MOS switch with internal power supply
  • Xbee, nRF24l02, RF315/433M module wireless interface
  • Arduino AD pins 3 PINs interface breakout for Sensor module (Electronic Brick)
  • Equipped with screw holes for easy installation
  • Light weigh
  • Small form factor
  • Native Arduino/Iteaduino compatibility

IS Shield with 2 channels mechanical relays and 2 channels MOS switch, providing an easy way for applications of voltage controlling from low to high.

The 3Pins breakout make it easy to build up a project or prototyping quickly, by using many existing sensor modules (Electronic Brick). And there are some wireless interface breakout on board, you can use it to connect with many wireless module.

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