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[Bare PCB] SuperPongTable Bare PCB


SuperPongTable is a very  interesting project that build by Brad Slattery

"Are you tired of your old boring coffee table? Do you dream of a coffee table that allows you play games as well as keep your coffee cup off the ground?

Well dream no longer - because such a coffee table is here and you can build one for yourself."

You can find more infromation about this item here



We can offer most parts of this porject:

900 LEDs 

30 x 100 ohm resistors

8 x 74373 Chips

4 x ULN2803 Chips

1 x PIC18f4550 Microcontroller

1 x 7805 Regulator

2 x 10uF capacitors

3 x 10k ohm resistors

2 x push buttons

4 x Atari paddle controllers

1 x 4AA battery holder

1 x slide switch





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