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STM32 Development Platform : IFLAT-32 v2.0



What new for V2.0?
1. Fixed the nRF24L01 and XBee compatible issue
2. Support the Nokia 5110 LCD
3. Auto Power switch
4. Add the D13 Indicators LED and Bootloader Button
5. More pins and interface breadkout


IFLAT-32 is a new development platform based on STM32 , it’s designed to make STM32 development easier and faster.

IFLAT-32 will offer user who want to make a project based on STM32 a integrated platform , which with power supply circuit, crystal oscillator circuit and some practical interface layout.
Basic features

  • Ready-made STM32 integrated platform
  • Arduino shields compatible
  • ITDB02 series and LCD5110 series display interface
  • Wireless modules interface
  • External power and USB power supply.
  • Complete RTC circuit
  • ST DFU Bootloader support
  • Micro-SD support
  • XBee interface support

There is a  20 pins JTAG interface on the IFLAT-32 for user to using the normal development tools to build their project .More attractive, we  add a 7 pins JTAG interface which  compatible with X-Link , so that user can use the coocox free M-3 development tools for their project  – the demo project for IFLAT will most based on coocox software .

The hardware interface is compatible with ITDB02 , and we will offer more ITDB02 demo and library for STM32, then the display and touch screen development based on STM32 will be very easy.  There is a Arduino  compatible interface for the Arduino shield, user can use the Arduino shield directly on IFLAT-32 , like Wiznet shield , Protoshied and so on. To facilitate the development of the wireless part with SMT32, we also designed the wireless interface on the IFLAT-32, you can use the XBee or nRF24L01 2.4G wireless module on it.
More information about IFLAT-32:

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