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Bicycle Dynamo With Bracket - 6V 3W


This is a common bicycle dynamo (Friction) which generates 6v 3w power. Just install this dynamo on your bicycle's right rear seat stay or right front fork. The dynamo should be located ahead of the mounting bracket. To avoid the dynamo from contacting your bicycle wheel, just press the dynamo down, then you will have faster riding speed. Use this dynamo to light up LEDs, or something else... Save energy, save the planet.

You can fix it on your bicycle with the bracket.


  1. Don’t touch the shell of the dynamo after long time riding ,it might scald your body . Keep waiting at least 10 minutes .
  2. It can be use in raining day , but don’t put it into water ,keep it away from kids.




Synamo overal size and Structures

1. The max dia of the dynamo body is:40.5mm, the longest length of the main body is:94.5mm




  1. friction roller
  2. the dynamo body
  3. Magnetic steel
  4. Winding support
  5. Spring housing
  6. Coil
  7. Wrench
  8. Lug plate
  9. Rear cover

2. OUTPUT: 6V,3W
 Size: 8X31X20.5CM
4. WORKING LIFE: 2-3 years


Technical parameters


output power test under constant voltage

Speed(km/h) Output power(W) Output volt(V) Output current(A)
5 0.56 6.00 0.126
15 1.89 6.00 0.369
30 4.09 6.00 0.560

constant-resistance load testing (18 ohms)

speed(km/h) Output power(W) Output volt(V) Output current(A)
5 0.45 2.45 0.115
15 1.89 5.78 0.325
30 3.21 7.23 0.435

Tempreture test :

Surroundings temp. Shell temp. Temp. rise Remarks
20℃ 55.2℃ 32.2℃ keep 30cm distances test







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