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315Mhz RF link kits - with encoder and decoder


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Basic spec:

  • Frequency: 315Mhz.
  • Modulation: ASK
  • Working Voltage: 3-12VDC(Transmitter), 5VDC(Receiver)
  • Receiver Sensibility: -105dbm
  • Emission Distance: 100m in open ground
  • *Defaultly 315Mhz receiver, exchangable with 433Mhz receiver.

Warning: this kit is not suitable for data transfer but remote control. Safe for 2 commands/second.

Encoding and Decoding
The popular link is like this: MCU -> Encoder -> Transmitter ------ Receiver -> Decoder -> MCU,

PT2262(Encoder) and PT2272(Decoder) are optional, their existence is to 1)avoid confusing when multiple RF links in range 2) isolate disturbance. You can integrate the encoding and decoding work to the MCUs on both side. Whenever there is no 315Mhz devices around, you may use it as direct cable connection.

To setup a PT2272 and PT2262 link, you would need to set PT2262 by a little soldering:

And setup the corresponding pins on PT2272:

Please refer to the simple drawing for the 315Mhz RF link. On the transimitter side, You would need to supply 3-12VDC to the "+12V" pin, and set "VT" high to enable transmission. On the receiver side, you may use +5VDC(aka VCC) for power and read the output from D0~D3. "VT" will indicate thenever there is changed data incoming.

Note: the Antenna must be straighten before power up! Or the module might be damaged.

Datasheet for PT2272 and PT2262:


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