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Serial 1.8" TFT LCD Screen Module: ITDB02-1.8SP


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ITBD02-1.8SP is a 1.8" TFT LCD module with serial interface. Instead of using the 8/16bit parallel bus, you just need 4 pins (CS,RS,SCL,SDA) to control this LCD module. The TFT LCD is 1.8" with 128x160 resolution, 262K colors.

There is LDO and Level converter chip on board, so the ITDB02-1.8SP support both 5V or 3.3V operation level. For power supply, you can use the 3.3V power via "3.3V" PIN, so 5-9V power via "VIN" PIN.


*This ITDB02-1.8SP module just support the display function, without touch and SD expand.


More information:


Datasheet of ST7735 (controller)

Datahseet of ITBD02-1.8SP


Display Test DEMO (Arduino)

Character DEMO (8051 C)

Picture dispaly DEMO (8051 C)

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