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Metaboard V1.0


 Metaboard is a USB based prototyping board for Atmel's AVR microcontrollers. It is designed to be (mostly) compatible with Arduino. Its entire design (hardware and firmware) is Open Source. 


Design Goals

  • Low complexity and thus extremely low price.Single sided PCB so that the board can be manufactured at home. If professionally manufactured, a single sided board is still cheaper.No SMD components. Easy to assemble at ome.
  • (Mostly) compatible with Arduino in board dimension and connector layout. Can also be programmed by Arduino's development environment via USB.
  • No upfront investment for development environment or programmer hardware.
  • Breadboard area on board.
  • Completely Open Source.


Since USB is implemented in firmware, no special USB driver chip is needed. Circuit diagram

Metaboard circuit diagram

The most recent version of Metaboard can always be obtained via SVN from.

A read-made package with PNG images for board schematics, layout and component side can be downloaded here.

Download: metaboard-1.0.zip



Metaboard is best used with Arduino. This is a boot loader which emulates USBasp, a USB based AVR programmer. The main firmware loaded with this boot loader is your business, of course.




Now the Metaboard in our shop is with bootloader and assembled solder.




Prototype pad on the button side : 



We will supply you the 6 pins and 8 pins female header , a 40 pins male header :

More information about the Metaboard:

 Download The Code From Arduino IDE To Metaboard

 We also provide Metaboard KIT: Here


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