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Simple Opensource Arduino LC Meter - Goliath v1.0


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We named this new Arduino LC meter Goliath, it’s a simple tool for hobbyist for Inductance and capacitance measurement. Because it’s base on Arduino, so you can easily to use the Foca to update the new firmware. It’s Opensource, you can modify the code to reach your special needs. 


Technology specifications :

  • Capacitor* Measure Range  1pF~10uF 
  • Capacitor Measure Resolution  1pF 
  • Capacitor Measure Accuracy  1% 
  • Electrolytic Capacitor** Measure Range  10uF~100mF 
  • Electrolytic Capacitor Measure Resolution  1uF 
  • Electrolytic Capacitor Measure Accuracy  1% 
  • Inductor Measure Range*** 1nH~1H  
  • Inductor Measure Resolution  1nH 
  • Inductor Measure Accuracy  1% 


Capacitor* : include paper, plastic, glass, mica and ceramic capacitor. 

Electrolytic Capacitor** : include aluminum or tantalum plate with an oxide dielectric layer. 

Inductor*** : include air core inductor and ferromagnetic core inductor. 

More information:




Firmware (BETA)

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