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Seleae/ USBee / USB Blaster Combination: Mini Logic


Mini Logic is a multi-functional tool,it can be used as a logic analyzer, not just the Seleae but also the USBee AX! 

Not only a logic but also a USB Blaster , you can used it to program and debug your CPLD/FPGA/DSP project.


This logic analyzer is come with the case and the cables. If you want to change it to other mode(Default Seleae) like USBee , you need to open the case and modify the jumpers.

See the Seleae jumper below:


there are two jumper for firmware selection, it means choose one of the three EPPROM for boot up.And choose the I/O selection, it’s the 10 pins of cables connection.

If you want a USBee AX, just modify the jumper as below:

Note that modify the jumper when power off! Don’t make anything when the tool power on. When you use the Seleae or USBee mode, the hardware can be identified as a Seleae USB Logic by Seleae software or USBee AX by USBee software. Now you can spy it on the data bus that you want to analyze.

USB Blaster setting:

When the hardware be set to USB Blaster mode , it can work as a ALTERA USB Blaster (Clone).You can use it for many CPLD/FPGA programming and debugging.


It’s a nice tool for hobbyist who need to debug their project, expertly CPLD/FPGA/DSP project.

This mini logic will come with case ,CD and cables, there are probes  and types of cable in  a package:

First one is breadboard jumper interface, you can plug the cable with any pins on PCB board.


 Second one is the probes, it can be connected with the breadboard jumper interface to connect more position on your board.
The last one is the 10 pins cable which for USB Blaster. And the package will includes a Type B USB cable.
What’s more? There is a CD in the package, it includes : 
  • NetFramework – you need to installed it before setup the Seleae and USBee.
  • Seleae Logic Setup – the install  file and guide
  • USBee1.1.49 – the install file and guide


More information about this product:

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