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Super Pixel Bros KIT

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 “This game is based on the 1985 Nintendo classic – Super Mario Bros. Super Mario Bros is one of my all time favorites games. I liked it so much in fact that I decided to make my own version, but restricting the graphics to just 64 pixels! I have given it the name ”Super Pixel Bros”. ”

-- Brad Slattery have build this interesting gadgets, and now we are working with him to have these made available as a kit (with all components included) so that you don’t have to shop around yourself. You can get more information about it in this project page.

Here we provide this product as a KIT, and this KIT Contains all components you need in this project. 

The Part List:


★ 1 x Super Pixel Bros Circuit Board 

★ 1 x Common Anode 8x8 RGB LED Matrix - We provide 60mm square 8*8 LED Matrix - super bright RGB (square)

★ 1 x 32 pin IC Socket (Cut it in half to act as a mount for the LED Matrix) - We provide the 2 x 1x16pin female headers

★ 1 x 16 Character x 2 Line LCD Screen - we provide the TOPWAY High-performance 16*2 Characters LCD - Black on Green

★ 1 x PIC18f4550 Surface Mount Microcontroller 

★ 1 x Monofonic Audio Chip

★ 1 x 9Volt Battery Holder

★ 1 x 7805 5Volt Regulator

★ 1 x Mini Slide Switch OR 3 pin Header (to act as an on / off switch)

★ 1 x 5mm Red Led

★ 1 x PCB Mount Speaker

★ 1 x 2n2222a NPN Transistor - we provide the S8050 NPN Transistor instead. 

★ 4 x Surface Mount 74373 IC’s

★ 2 x 1K Ohm Surface Mount Resistors

★ 24 x 150 Ohm Surface Mount Resistors

★ 9 x 10K Ohm Surface Mount Resistors


★ 8 x PCB Mount Momentary Push Buttons

This KIT includes all components on the park list. You should soler them yourself when you get the components.



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