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Simple Signal Generator KIT


This simple signal generator can output 4 types of signal waveform - Square wave, triangle wave(2types) and sine wave , the output frequency and Duty cycle is fixed, not adjustable , the frequency depend on the crystal oscillator used with MCU. 

The KIT includes:

  • 22R resistor*4
  • 10K resistor*9
  • 20K resistor*8
  • Red LED *4
  • Electrolytic capacitor *1
  • Button *1
  • 16M crystal oscillator *1
  • 20 pin IC socket *1
  • 80C2951 MCU(with code) *1


The signal waveform that generated by this KIT


You can find more information about this signal generator here:

The Cheapest And Simplest Signal Generator

Simple Signal Generator KIT


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