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Customizable Arduino RFID module - Sniffer Nano v2.0


Sniffer Nano v2.0 is a 125K RFID card reader module. It’s very small but multifunctional, and can be added to your project conveniently.

We have completed the final debugging of the Sniffer Nano v2.0. It works well, the first version firmware will not include the ID store and protocol switch , but still retained the buad rate setting function so you can change the UART baud rate by serial command.

As normal use, you just need RX TX and INT pins for data communication.Besides,there are 6 reserve  I/O pins for extension .We can use these I/O for drivering LED ,buzzer or relay, even to control a RF module for wireless communication.In the public version firmware will not include these etension function ,but you can modify the code to achieve it.Also you can connect us for help to customize a special version for you. 

In order to allow more users to more easily understand the code and participate in, we make our firmware base on Arduino library. All the code will open source, so user can modify the code by themselves for meeting their special requirements.Of cause, we will keep improving the firmware and publish them. Using the Arduino bootloader, user can easily update their module via serial ports by Arduino IDE.

Basic features

  • Smaller than many other module
  • Low power consumption for embedded systems
  • Support setting Protocol and Baud by serial command
  • Soldering package compatible with both SMD and DIP
  • Standard 100mil spacing package, can be directly used in bread board
  • Interrupt evoking trigger
  • Open source, based on Arduino. Support update firmware


  • Frequency: EM4100 protocal (125khz Read-only)
  • Baud rate:4800-115200 bps
  • Power:5VDC (±5%)
  • Current Consumption:<50mA
  • Reading Distance: 0-30 mm (Different manufacturers and shape of the card ,difference distance.)
  • extensin I/O:6
  • Indicators:Power
  • Operating temperature:-10℃~+60℃



Sniffer Nano v2.0 Manual

Sniffer Nano Firmware v1.0

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