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Here we will provide you all kinds of robotic parts, the parts avoid the problems of having to design and build an entire robot from scratch. With these specialized robot parts, you will be able to build or modify a robot quickly; you will make it more professional, intelligent and adaptable to its environment. Certainly, the steady advance of robot parts will change the way we build robots. Choose the parts you need and get started building your own robot today!

We offer the following types of accessories

>Chassis AND  Mechanics - All kinds of chassis for robot and many mechanical parts,servo brackets for fix the sensor and servo. 

>Controller AND Driver - 8bit and 32bit robot controller board ; Motor driver ; Multi-channel servo controller board.

>Motor AND Servo - A lot of DC Motor, Stepper Motor and servo.

>Power AND Battery - Power source supply and batteries of different capacities.

>Other Fittings - Wheel , light , sound for robot.


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